Dairy farming is a complex discipline and requires a lot of knowledge and know-how.

Triple Dairy provides this knowledge in a modern way and by doing so assists to improving the performance of the dairy farm.

Government, service suppliers, extension workers,

policy makers, NGOs, education, Triple Dairy provides information, training materials, advice about dairy farming and assist by doing so in optimal cooperation with dairy farmers.

Bles Dairies, Wageningen University & Research and Aeres Group.

Through partnership with Bles Dairies, Wageningen University & Research and Aeres Group, Triple Dairy has access to worldwide experience in dairy farming, new insights from academic research and tested best practices. Triple Dairy brings this knowledge to farmers worldwide and contributes to improvement in dairy farming.

Blended Agricultural Education: the new way of lifelong learning

As implementation partner of Dairy Delta Academy, the foundation that develops blended learning for international dairy farming sector, Triple Dairy enables the dairy farming sector worldwide to have access to Dutch knowhow in dairy farming and can contribute to improvement.