About Us

Triple Dairy is not newborn, it is the offspring of a longstanding history. New is our focus, the focus on lifelong learning in the entire dairy value chain. Primarily aimed at improving the performance on dairy farms worldwide, but also other stakeholders are in scope: governments, service suppliers, education and dairy industry. We provide the knowledge necessary to improve yourself as an actor in the dairy value chain. We believe that anyone should also be facilitated to continue learning, any where and at his own speed. The outcome of the learning should lead to improvement.

Triple Dairy was initiated by Bles Dairies, an international company worldwide active in dairy farming. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) continuously develops knowledge and insights in research and aims at sharing the outcomes with the society and therefore provides her knowledge. Aeres Group shares the vision on lifelong learning through modern learning materials like “Blended Learning”. With the partners there is a lot of experience in international projects where knowledge transfer and practical trainings in dairy farming are crucial.

To stimulate and prioritize life long learning in the international dairy sector, and thus contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals 1 to 4, Bles Dairies founded Triple Dairy in the beginning of 2020.

“Triple” in the name Triple Dairy refers to the tripartite partnership and cooperation between research, education and agri-business. But also to the 3 parts in lifelong learning: acquire knowledge, apply it to your own situation and implement it. Then your performance can perhaps even triple!

The logo symbolizes with the triangle that Triple Dairy has 3 sides. Also it refers to the symbol Delta, the geographical position of the Netherlands and a river delta, and the Greek letter delta, symbolizing “change”. Triple Dairy makes a change.

Triple Dairy is managed by Mrs. Nynke Dijkstra and Mr. Kees de Jong and consists further of the many dairy experts and trainers from their partner organisations.