International training

The Netherlands is known worldwide as a frontrunner in dairy farming. We have a long history in dairy farming, breeding, dairy. Everywhere in the world where cows are milked, a link can be found with the Dutch sector.

Steps still need to be taken in emerging countries, but also in the countries around us. Steps in animal welfare, in milk quality, in the income of the farmers. That requires knowledge. The Netherlands has that knowledge, our dairy farmers themselves, but also our knowledge institutions. A lot of research is done at Wageningen University & Research, which leads to innovations.

This Dutch knowledge and experience are essential in the development of dairy farming worldwide. Triple Dairy, therefore, provides training for dairy farmers from all over the world. In the Netherlands on Dairy Campus and Aeres Farms, but also in the country where the farmers themselves come from. In Bangladesh, in Ghana, in Ethiopia, in Vietnam, it doesn’t matter.

Triple Dairy provides training for dairy farmers in areas such as animal health, breeding, housing, nutrition, milk quality, farm management, roughage production. Everything with a clear perspective for the situation at his own company. Besides, Triple Dairy makes use of modern and digital learning methods if desired. Our trainers have a lot of international experience and therefore know the situation abroad.

More about the training offer soon. Tailor-made training is also always given!

Courses in The Netherlands

Triple Dairy organizes courses for dairy farmers in The Netherlands. The dairy value chain starts at the dairy farmers yard, and backwards all requirements from the total value chain end up at the farmers yard as well. To stay successful, the dairy sector needs to continuously develop, improve and innovate, and needs access to knowledge to do so. Also Triple Dairy welcomes farmers and other stakeholders around the world to visit to The Netherlands and follow courses with practical trainings. Inspiration, practical skills, learning by doing, and most importantly, tools how to implement learnings at home to improve your own dairy farm performance!


Business in dairy farming is very diverse. Suppliers, buyers, consultants, services, banks, all have to deal with the practice on the farm. And they all have an interest in the management going well.

Triple Dairy can play a role as a knowledge partner for all parties. Company-specific training courses, in-company training courses, everything tailor-made, but also management training and courses that tie in with the business community.

Triple Dairy uses the latest insights from research at Wageningen University & Research and Aeres. Also, Triple Dairy uses modern learning methods, in which digitization is combined with classroom and “on the job” learning.

For more information and if you are interested, we are happy to make an appointment!


Green education has an impressive status quo in the Netherlands. At all levels, professionals from green education are successful in the sector, in the Netherlands, and abroad. There is also an important contribution to the development of foreign students.

Nevertheless, education must also continue to develop. Collaboration in the dairy chain is important in this respect, with the business community, with dairy farmers, and with the government. Developments in the sector are rapid, and it is a challenge for education to participate at all levels.

Triple Dairy likes to collaborate with education. In foreign projects, when receiving incoming delegations from abroad. For giving guest lectures, for arranging internships. But we can also provide short masterclasses for teachers from education on topical themes aimed at vision, overview, and coherence. Themes concern circular agriculture, climate-friendly management, but also sub-themes in the field of soil, feed/crop, and manure.


The government and its policy officers in various echelons have the responsibility to manage the land in a realistic way in the dairy sector. What the reality is in agriculture, and more specifically in dairy farming, cannot be explained in 3 sentences.

That is why Triple Dairy believes it is important to support the government in this and will therefore provide short training courses for policy officers.

In addition, the developed policy must be implemented realistically. In the transition to circular agriculture towards 2030, Triple Dairy is happy to play a role in supporting dairy farmers in the desired transition.