Training Materials


Besides courses that are meant at first for Dutch dairy farmers, Triple Dairy is active in the development of teaching materials for the international dairy sector, both the business environment and the education sector. This in close cooperation with Dairy Delta Academy, a foundation established by Aeres and Bles Dairies. The demand for knowledge, practical skills and innovation in dairy is huge. On a global scale there is an increasing demand for sufficient, safe and nutritious food. To achieve greater reach and impact, Dairy Delta Academy uses a combination of e-learning and practical lessons, the so-called Blended Learning. This way it not only results in an outreach on a much wider scale, also the costs decrease. The dairy sector around the world is in the position to fully benefit and learn from Dutch expertise and experience. Fundamental principle is lifelong learning, refreshing and renewing knowledge must always be possible through access to the specifically created learning platform. This platform is also open for other knowledge providers.

Triple Dairy is the implementation partner of the Dairy Delta Academy. Knowing that any organization, country, institute, processor has its own way of working, style, requirements, Triple Dairy helps to adjust according to these individual settings, and develop blended training materials.

About Dairy Delta Academy

The Dairy Delta Academy foundation was set up by Aeres and Bles Dairies on 4 June 2020. The foundation aims to develop and offer teaching and training material on dairy farming on an international scale. A specific feature is that content will be offered via a digital platform according to the Blended Learning approach. Dairy Delta Academy is cooperating closely with Triple Dairy for the implementation.

For more information, please contact:

Harm Holleman, director of Dairy Delta Academy

Phone: 0031-(0) 646852581