Despite of all the negative consequences caused by the persisting pandemic Covid19, it entails some positive developments as well. The transformation towards digitalization is already a fact among farmers worldwide, but the restrictions we are currently facing such as closed schools and very limited travelling, accelerates this transformation even more. The digital capabilities facilitate a more physically distanced and contactless society.

It is the purpose of Triple Dairy to bring knowledge and know-how about dairy farming to the farmers in an efficient way. We believe that by doing so, we contribute to the development of the dairy sector towards sustainable and future proof farming with perspective for farmers, cows and consumers.

This knowledge transfer is urgently needed. Not only the demand for nutritious food increases exponentially, also society requires a more sustainable dairy sector with less impact on the environment. Also farmers incomes are under pressure. Therefore it is our duty, with our longstanding experience in dairy farming in The Netherlands and our high-quality knowledge institutes such as Wageningen University and Aeres University, to act and do the right thing.

Blended learning is an innovating approach to learning. It is a combination of online and offline in which different learning methods are used. Learners across the world can benefit from using a blended learning strategy. Triple Dairy develops in close cooperation with the Dairy Delta Academy training modules based on this blended learning strategy. Farmers all around the world can learn about dairy farming in an efficient way. Trainers all around the world can teach and train farmers about dairy farming using these training modules.

Change is needed now. So take a look at the website of Dairy Delta Academy and contact us today!